Christoph Moor

Federal Office for the Environment (Switzerland)

Christoph graduated in Chemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1989 and got his PhD in 1993. After his post-doc study in environmental research, he worked for six years in a contract laboratory where he headed the spectrometry team and was responsible for the quality management system of the department
accredited to ISO 17025. Then he worked for seven years in a company specialized in laboratory automation, eventually leading the research and development
department including software development. In 2007, he joined the FOEN to become a GLP inspector. The FOEN is one of the three Swiss GLP compliance monitoring
authorities, responsible for test facilities in the environmental sector. – Beside the GLP task, Christoph is head of the section of FOEN that performs the environmental
risk assessment of biocides as part of the product registration.

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